The ReBorn Story

The ReBorn Journey


In virtually every home across the land you’ll find a dish drainer by the sink. Probably a washing up bowl too. And then there’s the wardrobe, with your lifelong ‘collection’ of coat hangers.

More often than not, they’re all made of plastics. But as stylish as these things might be, they’re almost certainly made from ‘virgin’ plastic.

Virgin plastic is just that – newly made plastic that’s never been plastic before.  Made from oil extracted from the earth, and at very great cost our planet. And often imported from the other side of the world.

Moreover, once discarded for newer items, most of this plastic will end up in landfill, never to decompose.

We spend a staggering seven billion pounds a year on new stuff for our homes, in the UK alone. If you walk into a Dunelm or John Lewis, or look online, you'll see a huge range of lovely looking homeare products.  However, if you look at them in detail, you’ll see that not only are they made from virgin materials and imported from the Far East, many are also “co-moulded”. That is to say that they’re made of different materials moulded together, such as plastic together with metal or silicon. This means that they’re almost impossible to either repair or recycle at end of life. Meaning burning is often the only other option.

To tackle this ridiculously unsustainable approach to product manufacturing, ReBorn was born.

ReBorn was founded in 2022 by Brian Walmsley with like minded partners including Biffa and Brunel University, and supported by Innovate UK. Together, we’ve decided to do things differently.

ReBorn is dedicated to creating a more sustainable approach to homewares: by transforming local waste into useful and stylish objects.

Moreover, at the end of use, or product life, our homewares can again be “reborn again”, which further reduces landfill and eradicates the use of new materials.

For us, it’s a love of waste, because we see waste as an amazing resource and an opportunity to help build a more circular economy.

It’s a rebirth of local product manufacturing.

And it’s the future. Smart thinking for our homes and for our society.

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