New Colour Launch: Sage Green & Charcoal Grey

We are excited to¬†launch a new colorway for some of our kitchen range top sellers: Washing Up Bowl, Sink Tidy and¬†Large Draining Rack ūüéȬ†

These products are now available on Sage Green & Charcoal Grey, a colour inspired by our own mission to reduce carbon emissions, by lowering the consumption and waste of our earth‚Äôs precious & limited resources¬†ūüĆŅ

Find them at all John Lewis stores and online as well as on our website 

All of our products are designed to be space efficient, useful, long-lasting and ultimately recyclable again. But we also focus on beauty and style, offering you a range of products with that would fit perfectly in your kitchen and your home. We’re planning the same for many future categories and ranges too. 

ReBorn is committed to creating the most stylish and planet-friendly homewares, and driving collective change in the UK and beyond. 

A big thanks to our community's incredible involvement and invaluable feedback and ideas.¬†Only by working together can we make a change in the way we make things and do business.¬†ūüíö

Will you get involved and share the message? #rebornhomes